IBG Shines at NeoCon 2024

Embracing Innovation and Design Excellence

Last week, Integrated Builder’s Group had the privilege of attending the highly respected NeoCon convention in Chicago. As one of the most significant events in the commercial design industry, NeoCon serves as a hub for the latest innovations, trends, and ideas. Our interior design team spent three days immersed in this environment and walked away feeling inspired by both the global design community and Chicago’s cityscape.

At IBG, we firmly believe that exceptional interior design is as crucial to the success of a project as incredible architecture and superior construction. Our investment in our design team’s growth and exposure to industry innovations at NeoCon is a testament to this belief. This year’s NeoCon provided an invaluable opportunity to explore new products, technologies, and methodologies that will enhance our team, and ultimately, our projects.

To share the excitement and learning experience, we sat down with two of our talented designers, Itzel Chavez and Alex Pacheco, to ask them about their key takeaways from NeoCon 2024.

Q: Overall, what insights did you gain, and what strategies are you eager to put into practice?

Itzel Chavez: There was so much to take in at the convention! I made sure to take note of the details and design concepts, in addition to the products in each room. We did see some fun feature walls and ceiling pieces. Some of these were simple, but with a touch of strategically placed lighting, the simple ceiling looked well thought out and uniquely designed

My favorite new brand I learned about was DIRTT, as I have never heard of the company before this trip. I was so amazed when we visited their showroom for a walkthrough, and it was fun to see how creative one can get with their modular construction systems. I’m hoping the right client comes around so we can apply the DIRTT systems, but until then, I am excited to apply some fun ceiling pieces like the ones we saw here!

Alex Pacheco: I learned that listening to and participating in conversations about design can spark ideas and give you a different perspective and approach to the creative process. I look forward to normalizing conversations between my team and specialty subcontractors to make designs stronger and more unique.

Q: Tell us something you learned or noticed that was unexpected: about the convention, design industry or the city of Chicago.

AP: I have always known design is very psychological process, but this trip gave me a different perspective on what design can be and how it can be approached. I learned that I love observing the way people interact differently with particular design concepts. I loved seeing (and touching!) the products and concepts in person, rather than just electronically or in a catalog. It was quite an experience and again, it really fueled my creative mind.

IC: I really did a lot of reflecting while on this trip about how all the different vibes, styles, designs, architecture and people of Chicago reminded me of how many design styles exist. Although I already was aware of how much I love color, this trip really solidified how I like to MIX colors too!

One company (Momentum Textiles and Wall Covering) collaborated with an artist who featured a LOT of color in their collection. This demonstrated that there are playful ways to use color in professional designs and reminded me that I can learn to incorporate fun details into my designs as well.

Q: Lastly, what was your favorite part of the trip?

IC: The convention gave me perspective of how expansive the design world is; it was great to learn and see all the options available to us as designers. It is so easy to become complacent with the same brands and ideas we are used to using – the convention really broadened our horizons on what is possible with design!

I loved meeting all the design professionals who were so kind and willing to help and teach us about their products. It was also fun to see how all the different brands, spaces and people came together to connect.

Lastly, I am very grateful that this event was in Chicago; the architecture, the styles of design and SO many different cultures and coexisting in the same space…THAT was truly inspiring to be around!

AP: My favorite part of this trip was seeing design in all its different environments. Whether it was through NeoCon, the architecture, the people, the food, the city as a whole – there were so many avenues of creative expression. Traveling to Chicago was such an amazing experience and a great opportunity to feed my creative mind.

The Future of Design at IBG

Our time at NeoCon reinforced our belief that continuous learning and embracing innovation are key to delivering exceptional results for our clients. The insights and connections gained at the convention will undoubtedly influence our upcoming projects, ensuring that IBG remains synonymous with excellence in building and design.

We look forward to translating the inspiration and knowledge from NeoCon 2024 into tangible results, creating spaces that resonate and relationships that endure.

Thank you to our incredible design team for their dedication and passion, and thank you to NeoCon for another fantastic year of learning and inspiration.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of design and construction at Integrated Builder’s Group!