Reshaping Member Experience

San Leandro, CA

The San Leandro branch of 1st United Credit Union is such a popular location that there was often a consistent queue of members extending outside the entrance. The interior space was constrained and lacked optimization, exacerbated by the building’s unconventional layout. Recognizing the need to change, 1st United Credit Union enlisted the expertise of IBG, who was ready to offer strategic guidance and creative design solutions.

The credit union’s premises posed a unique challenge with its irregular angles, corners, and a prominent cove in the ceiling. Moreover, the branch remained heavily trafficked, requiring operational continuity during renovations to cater to members’ needs. 1st United Credit Union and IBG collaborated closely to devise a tailored construction schedule, executed in phases to ensure uninterrupted service.

Through meticulous planning and unwavering commitment, the partnership yielded a revitalized branch fully optimized for its available space. The reimagined ceiling cove now boasts enhanced lighting, paint, and paneling and the branch transformed into a visually striking architectural marvel that efficiently serves members today.

We have worked with IBG to do design and build work on two branches, and couldn't be happier with the outcome. With their design ideas and building knowledge, we have gotten much better looks and flow than the branches we did on our own, and the build process has gone more smoothly at an overall lower cost. I would recommend IBG to anyone considering a branch build or remodel.

Steve Stone
CEO, 1st United Credit Union