From Blueprint to Branch

Caldwell, ID

Capital Educators Credit Union partnered with IBG to expand their branch network and enhance member experience in Caldwell, Idaho. With a selected location in place, the goal was to construct a building that aligned with their existing branches – featuring drive-thru capability and modern banking equipment. IBG’s experienced team successfully delivered on these requirements.

The Caldwell branch, akin to others, required a similar floor plan with additional facilities such as a conference room and advanced technology. Collaborating with our architectural partner, IBG designed an open-concept retail space that reflected CapEd’s branding. This involved replacing the previous structure with a contemporary building and installing branded monument signs for enhanced visibility.

Despite setbacks due to harsh weather conditions and challenges with an aged sewer line, IBG, along with the superintendent and subcontractors, managed to mitigate delays and connect to the existing sewer line efficiently, avoiding extensive repair costs.

The anticipation from Caldwell residents for the new branch was evident. From demolition to site preparation and the construction of a modern building equipped with drive-thru ATMs, IBG successfully realized the credit union’s vision, delivering a stylish branch ready for member enjoyment.