A Tale of Transformation

Portland, TX

CoastLife Credit Union sought the perfect opportunity to enact their vision of a new, modern branch in the Corpus Christi metro area. But when choices piled up and complications arose, they turned to IBG as a trusted design and construction partner.

CoastLife Credit Union selected a three-acre plot of land at the corner of a main intersection that was much larger than necessary for a single branch, so IBG suggested using the additional retail space for other tenants. In the initial stages of the project, IBG designed the 12,500 square-foot branch to accommodate a large community room, comfortable lounge for staff, and enough space for three to five other retail tenants.

While in a great location, the land had several issues that needed addressing before site development could even begin. Frequent area rain, heavy clay soil and a lack of nearby municipal sewer lines all required solutions that needed to be approved by the City Authorities. At the same time, the credit union was going through a name change and rebranding that was delayed, impacting the schedule. IBG remained persistent and flexible, implementing nimble solutions for every development constraint.

The result was a beautiful, branded building that accommodates all the current and future needs of the credit union. CoastLife Credit Union now enjoys an ideal location within a charming boutique center that serves as a community gathering spot.