Modernizing History

San Francisco, CA

Integrated Builders Group was entrusted by GBC International Bank to spearhead the renovation of their flagship branch in San Francisco’s historic North Beach neighborhood. Facing the challenge of modernizing a century-old building while ensuring operational continuity, IBG executed a seamless transformation that aligned with GBC’s vision and operational needs.

Collaborating closely with our client, IBG crafted a branded environment that reflects the bank’s identity without overwhelming the space. Our Specialty Scope Designer curated a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, seamlessly integrating GBC’s brand elements throughout the branch. The renovated branch now represents GBC’s brand while embodying the unique character of San Francisco.

Working within the constraints of a 100-year-old building, the team strategically optimized the space to accommodate GBC’s expanding workforce and integrate essential technology. Despite the challenges posed by the busy location, there was minimal disruption to GBC’s operations. By adopting a phased delivery approach and strategic coordination, not only did GBC remain fully functional throughout the renovation process, but the project finished on schedule as well.

IBG’s successful collaboration with GBC Bank resulted in a transformed branch that meets modern standards while preserving its historic charm. Our commitment to delivering tailored solutions ensured that GBC’s operational needs were met without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.