Desert Dreams

Wilcox, AZ

In the remote town of Willcox, Arizona, Cochise Credit Union sought to replace their outdated branch with a modern facility that could meet their operational needs and elevate their community presence. However, the project faced significant challenges due to the location’s remoteness and the economic aftermath of Covid-19, resulting in scarce trades and procurement complexities.

IBG, tasked with realizing Cochise CU’s vision, navigated these obstacles adeptly. They identified a prime location for the new branch, advised on securing the crucial hard corner for maximum visibility, and efficiently resolved title issues. Simultaneously, IBG meticulously managed the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with all necessary permits and entitlements.

The result of this collaboration is a striking new branch that seamlessly blends modern design with the area’s rustic charm. Through strategic planning and diligent execution, IBG has delivered a space that not only meets Cochise CU’s functional requirements but also stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence and community engagement.