Innovation in Action

Corpus Christi, TX

While working through the initial stages of creating a new branch, CoastLife Credit Union was simultaneously undergoing rebranding efforts, which were progressing much slower than anticipated. IBG crafted a design complementary to the larger branch in Portland, incorporating unique architecture and interiors to match the initial rebranding effort. In doing so, CoastLife saved time and money with the consistent use of materials, labor and subcontractors.

The design and construction of the Saratoga branch took place during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, incurring many hurdles to navigate: inaccessible regulatory officials, supply chain shortages, contractor availability and more. The team at IBG remained flexible within these constraints and scheduling impacts with determination and collaboration.

Even with numerous challenges, IBG’s team did not falter and faced them head on with persistence, innovative problem-solving and teamwork. In the year following the branch’s opening, CoastLife Credit Union boasted a 20% increase in loan demand, 10% increase in assets, and 2.3% increase in membership. Consequently, IBG was selected to replicate CoastLife’s brand across their retail network and renovate their 20,000 sq. ft. headquarters.